General Procedures for Owners

Management agreement is signed with terms agreed upon by agent and owner.

Owners Fees:

  • Pays a onetime start-up fee of $300.00-this pays for website advertising (pictures, descriptions, floor plans and directions to the property) Pays 10% monthly management fee
  • Pays $300.00 fee for re-renting property to new tenant
  • Pays $75.00 for each resigning of a lease

DEB Development Services will advertise your property on our website and place rental sign at the property. All other advertising will be invoiced to the owner.

DEB Development Services will do credit and reference checks on each applicant.

Owner's portion of rent is sent out within 15 days of receiving payment from tenant.

Owner will be billed for the costs of court and related fees should eviction proceedings become necessary.


  • All properties should be cleaned including carpet, blinds, windows and appliances everything should be in good working order.
  • DEB Development Services asks for a $300 repair/service call approval without owner's permission. Over $300 we will call and discuss procedures unless the repair is considered an emergency.
  • Maintenance calls will be handled and paid by DEB Development Services, owner will receive an invoice for maintenance and will reimburse DEB Development Services.
  • Filter changes are done quarterly and supplies are billed to owner.
  • All costs for up-keep of yard will be billed to owner while property is vacant.
  • Utilities can be placed in a landlord/management account until property is re- rented. Utility costs are borne by the owner until the unit is re-rented.

Owner has the right to enter the property at any time with adequate notification to the tenant. This should go through DEB Development Services.

Owner has the right to prohibit pets, smokers and number of occupants.

It is very important at the time of signing the management agreement that you supply all of your contact numbers as well as your insurance information.

Lease up option

We also offer a lease-up option for our owners. This means that we will go through the process of finding and qualifying a tenant for your home and turn it back over to you for management. We charge a full months rent with a $500 minimum for this service.

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